Here are the most common questions and answers about VJOBS.ONLINE

Does cost money?
NO, the website and the service is completely free. Refinanced by advertising.

Since when does exist?
Since 01 December 2017 there are and in Otober 2018 there was the change in

Can I delete my account at any time?
YES, just go to "edit profile" and then go to "delete profile".

Can I change my advertisement after publication?
yes, every time.

How many tenders can I publish?
Each user can currently publish a maximum of 10 tenders.

There is a lack of category or management system in the tender. Can you add that?
It's best to log in to the support group and then admin can add that.

How do I create / create a virtual shipping company?
We have explained here.

You have a question? Then contact us here or in the support group of virtual jobs.